5 must-have beach essentials

There is no doubt about it, Australians love spending the day at the beach regardless of what month it is. However, there is nothing worse than setting up on the beach, and realising you have not packed one of the KEY beach essentials. 

Therefore, Beth has made a list of her must-haves for any beach trip in 2022!

1. 50+ sunscreen 

Gorgeous gorgeous girls wear 50+ sunscreen! Whether that be the Bondi Sands 50+ Fragrance Free Sunscreen Lotion or the Cancer Council Ultra 50+ Sunscreen, any 50+ is an absolute must. 

2. CoolCabana 

If you don't have a Coolcabana, I suggest you get online and order yourself one!  

3. Large towel 

Never forget your towel! And if you are looking for an aesthetic one, i suggest you look up LAZE RES Luxury towels. 

4. Water bottle 

I never thought I would do it, but I have done it.... I bought a Frank Green water bottle. Why would I spend $60 on a water bottle you ask? WELL, it holds 1,000ml of water and maintains your water temperature (Ice cold baby!) 

5. Betania hat 

And last, but not least - a Betania hat. Take your baby with you whenever you plan a day trip, your ears, neck and shoulders will thank you later when you aren't burnt!