5 Instagram worthy beaches in Queensland

Whether you are from Queensland or looking to explore the natural beauties the state has to offer, Beth has compiled her top five beaches which you are guaranteed to love!

1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Famed globally for its secluded white sand beach and clear water, Whitehaven Beach is just that – a white haven. It’s the true pageant contender for aesthetics, and the only way to get there is via boat. The moment you dive of your catamaran into the crystal turquoise water, the reality really hits you – this is heaven, and this is why you came to Australia.

2. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas 

Port Douglas is the luxurious gem of tropical North Queensland, and Four Mile Beach is the sparkling point. Not actually four miles long (it was named after a local family with the surname Fourmile), the beach has plenty of space to feel like you’re on your own secluded paradise. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards and decked out with stinger nets, making it super safe for all swimmers. 

3. Chalkies Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Although I have already mentioned another Whitsunday Island beach, I believe Chalkies needs a mention of its own. Whitehaven is known for its sand, however Chalkies is known for its gardens of coral and schools of tropical fish. There is an abundance of turtles, and who doesn’t like swimming with the turtles? (Make sure to bring a GoPro!).

4. Burleigh Heads 

Ask any local and they’ll tell you Burleigh is where the magic happens. Gold Coast’s answer to Byron Bay, this bohemian-slash-surfy pocket is backed by lush Burleigh Headland, fringed by majestic Norfolk pines, and anchored by much-loved shopping strip, James Street. Oh, and the beach is one of the Gold Coast’s best. Patrolled and often well-protected from a southerly wind or swell, this right-hand point break is popular with the surfing crowd.

5. Noosa main beach  

Aside from being right up against Hastings Street there are many reasons this strip has a reputation for being a fantastic all-round experience. Protected by the headland, this beach is perfect for those who aren’t particularly strong swimmers, making it ideal for families. You can take surf lessons as well and with food and amenities merely footsteps away Noosa Main Beach is your first-stop shop.